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The Gotham Basketball Association is a Manhattan-based basketball league, non-profit organization and hoops network that began in 2009 with a pilot season comprised of six Manhattan-based boys’ teams. In 2016, 79 basketball teams ages 10-15 joined the GBA for the 2016 winter season. Since its inception, the GBA has actively networked neighboring teams and hoops communities to keep kids and families playing in convenient locations.  As of 2016, we have also added a mini-spring league.

We work together to provide opportunities for kids from many backgrounds to benefit from fitness, sports and team participation.   In addition to young urban professionals volunteering as head coaches and assistant coaches, we also fill positions for high school students.  Many high school students are in need of places where they can give back to the community and receive school credit.

What We Are Looking For

Gym Manager Responsibilities

  • Setting up the gym if you are the opening manager
    • Setting up the scorers table and scoreboard
    • Setting up benches for both teams
    • Counting Balls — lock anything that is not in use for game time.
  • Ensuring the area is safe, secure and clean
  • Reporting Scores of each game you oversee by 5pm Sunday
  • Make Refs aware of that day’s gym schedule
  • Reminding refs and parents that games must be kept on schedule
  • Report any incidents to Mo
  • Clearing up the gym if you are a closing manager
    • Ensure all garbage is cleared from the gym
    • Ensure all equipment is locked away and secure before leaving the gym

Scorekeeper Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and prepared to start the game.
  • No headphones, checking cell phones etc. Focus is on the game.
  • If you cannot make a scheduled game provide enough advanced notice for the office to find a replacement.
  • Communicate appropriately with coaches and referees.

Photos and Media Position Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and report to gym manager.
  • Send media clips and pictures to Mo by Sunday at 5pm latest.
  • No headphones or anything that may distract from the task at hand. 

Referee Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and ready to begin the game.
  • Keep games on schedule.
  • Communicate respectfully with coaches, parents and staff especially in the case of any disagreements.
  • Report any incidents to the gym manager.

If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities listed, please complete this brief application.


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