1. Safety is our priority.  All gyms must be secure with safety agents or approved outside security.  Parents must sign in with a valid ID and if they do not have ID, the coach or director has to come to the guard and validate who they are.  If the guard is not allowed to permit entrance, then that is the rule.  Period.  Players are not permitted to go through stairwells or to bathrooms alone.  They must be accompanied by another player or preferably an adult to prevent a child from getting lost in a big school and to keep them safe from other threats.  Coaches should never be alone with players.  Another adult, guard or coach should always be present.  Please review our CRISIS MANAGEMENT plan for all 9-1- situations.
  2. We are inclusive.  We invite all teams that want to play, provide scheduling info and proven credibility and reliability.  **Preference is given to programs that offer both boys and girls teams if spots become limited.
  3. We run on time and to keep the schedule as close to the original as possible.  Teams must show up 15 min before tipoff and warm up on the side of the court or in the hallway so that we keep games on time.  Changes to schedule cannot be guaranteed, but requests are taken.  We also report our game scores by end of day HERE.
  4. We do not charge a door fee or parking fees.  Exceptions may be made for playoffs, but we are largely against charging parents to watch their children play.
  5. We showcase kids in ONE game per gym, not several games going on at the same time with several whistles and confusing out of bounds lines.  LOCATIONS HERE.
  6. We do not tolerate unacceptable behavior by coaches, players, referees or fans. Two Techs and You are OUT of the League policy.  Any player or coach who gets two techs in one season of the GBA is OUT.  No exceptions.  If parents or fans are acting inappropriately the table has permission to stop the game until the behavior is corrected.
  7. We are open to feedback and getting ahead of potential problems through respectful communication ideally prior to a problem getting bigger or immediately afterwards so that we show cooperation, teamwork and a system where the players and proper conduct and role modeling are central to our thought process.  If there are problems with referees, please do not get a technical foul for starters.  Go to the table, and get the referees name quietly and then report all problems or issues in detail to the commissioner.
  8. We do not tolerate forfeits and we enforce all GBA RULES.  Two and your team is out of the league.  No forfeits.  ALL GBA RULES ARE HERE.  Girls’/Boys’ 9-10U Small Court one referee and Girls’/Boys’ 10&UP – hereREVIEW ALL ELIGIBLE Date of Births here – and ask for exceptions before Jan 8.  We also enforce uniform techs, late techs and roster techs so make sure your teams know the uniform rules (to prevent ringing, as well as rules on timeliness – must be in book by end of first half, and late additions to book are techs unless waived by other coach who does not have to waive them.  Kids under 10 can take one giant step in – just not run in for rebound, and refs should not be calling over the line violations for Gr 4-6 at all – for a little over the regulation line from the start of the game – as long as they do not run in.)
  9. In our full winter league and modified and shorter spring league, we build a flexible one-off, partial or full league schedule that often comes at a cost to Mo’ Motion’s coaches, staff, director and players.  This means we do everything to meet your specific game time/day slots even if it means Motion coaches have to scramble or co-coach or call in backup coaches.  This is why we do not like to take changes after the schedule is locked – out of respect for all of the time, thought and efforts put in to make the schedule right, and to not inconvenience parents who have put the schedule in their calendars.  See most recent schedule in TOURNEY MACHINE here.
  10. We do not allow ineligible players over the age limit without special permission and we do not allow ringing during playoffs with guest players being added after not playing in the league in full or in prior games (for one-off teams). Rosters with names and numbers will be collected by January 8 and no other players can be added after Jan. 8, 2023 unless prior permission is granted (in cases of injury, illness, etc. add a player who does not significantly impact the outcome — and get prior approval in email form before doing so.) Coaches will be called out and games will be forfeit until they comply with the rules, and if they choose not, teams will be eliminated from playoffs.  AGE CUT-OFF HERE.
  11. Our tables are staffed with paid staff members and only supported by volunteers – not run by volunteers or kids doing community service hours, which often impacts the quality of the table.  Email the commissioner if there are any problems with the table.
  12. Our clocks operate most of the time or we go get back ups immediately.  We do not have shot clocks.  We ask the referee to count down a shot clock if we feel the team is holding the ball too long intentionally or not.
  13. We seed for playoffs based on coaching input, ages/level of play and who can make playoffs.  Teams that have played more games in the GBA get a priority and then other spots are filled by guest teams if they want to opt in for playoffs.
  14. We raise funds to make the league work for everyone.  Mo’ Motion, a non-profit, raises funds to cover the significant cost of the league, which usually needs about $20,000-$30,000 to cover shortfall based on year-round gym rental fees, insurance, refs, management, security.  We may add a raffle or concession stand to raise money or for causes chosen by our participants.
  15. Our participants are encouraged to take part in introductions, play-by-play calling at the table, and any halftime performance slots (2-3 minutes) that we can fit into our gym schedules without delaying the games.  Participants can also do fundraisers in our lobbies – in the form of concession stands or otherwise, pending approval by GBA staff.  Email the commissioner if you have players interested in doing the play-by-play or a halftime performance.