GBA League Rules

•  ROSTERS – 12 players max; eligible players must play in at least four games to qualify for playoffs.  Rosters are due by the 1st weekend of play via our software system. League is free to ask for roster with dates of birth at any point in the season. League is allowed to ask directors and coaches or players directly.  If the league cannot find proof that a player in question participated in at least half of the games, league has right to not allow player into playoffs.  NO HOPPING from one team to another without special, written permission. If a team fails to provide a full roster or enters an ineligible player, the board notifies the coach in writing and all games are considered losses until the coach and team complies with GBA rules.


FOR EXAMPLE for the year 2018-19 Season:

Must be born

8-9U after sept 1, 2010 – Grades 2-3
10U after sept 1, 2009 – Grade 4
11U after sept 1, 2008 – Grade 5
12U after sept 1, 2007- Grade 6
13U after sept 1, 2006 – Grade 7
14U after sept 1, 2005 – Grade 8
16U after sept 1, 2003 – Grade 10

NO PLAYER can play for two different teams in the same division unless special (rare) exception by the commissioner. A player who is 11 and under (grade 5) can play both grade 5 and “up” age-wise in the next division higher. NO DIVISION I players are allowed to play in DIVISION II games unless the opposing coach and a board member approves of the player PRIOR to the game. Do not ring your DIV II teams with DIV I players just to make things easier for you as a coach and team. If you do, the game counts as loss and your entire DIV I team will be ineligible for playoffs. If you need a 5th or 6th player to complete a full roster in a DIV II game (let’s say you are down), then choose a non-dominant player toward the end of a Division I bench to join the Division II team. Most of all, you must communicate your thoughts and concerns to the coach and receive permission from the opposing coach. We need to know the skill level and abilities of true DIV I teams vs. DIV II teams before playoffs. Keep this in mind – that the team loses when one girl or boy comes in and carries them, particularly when that player will not be on their team for the long-term.

•  PLAYER ELIGIBILITY CALL LATER IN SEASON – If a coach or manager raises issue about a player’s age/grade eligibility by the 5th game of the season, the league will ask the coach for proof of age.  Remember this must be done by 5th game of season because all players must play at least half the games.

•  PRESSING – Not allowed in 10&Under unless team is down by 10+ points or under one minute in second half/overtime.  Allowed in all other divisions, all game, but PLEASE USE GOOD JUDGMENT.  If you are up by 15-20 points and the game feels like a blow-out, pull the press off – it’s called the 20 point mercy rule and the table must tell the coaches and the referee to take the press off over 20 points ahead.  If you are on the losing end, make sure your kids don’t foul hard or show poor behavior because it will only invite the other team to put the press back on you (and the league will not blame them).

•  STALLING – No intentional stalling of games, meaning there is a shot clock under five minutes where a referee will count down 35 seconds by the clock or on the scoreclock if it allows for shot clock and let teams know that time is running out – they need to shoot the ball as if there was a shot clock.  Table must remind referees that they must count down to the kids as if there is a shot clock, especially in the last two minutes of a tight game.

• UNIFORMS – All teams are expected to have uniform TOPS and uniform SHORTS – meaning all the same color and type (or very close). Teams wearing RED shirts and WHITE shirts (as a red/white team) or GREEN and YELLOW – at same time receive a technical foul for every player who is not in compliance up to a maximum of four (4) technical free throws at start of game or halftime.  Note that we are lenient on uniform techs the first weekend only.  Techs are issued in weekend 2.  This is enforced so a) kids understand what it means to be part of a team b) it looks better as a program and league and c) we can tell in playoffs who the guest players are – usually ineligible ones – who are thrown a top, but no shorts.  Kids in full uniform typically have played the entire year.

•  PLAYERS IN BOOK AND ON FLOOR:  Players who are not in the book and sub into the game after the game has started is a technical foul.  (Enter your entire team in the book before start of game to prevent this from happening.  Late players must be in the gym on the bench at halftime.  If they show up after halftime, they are NOT allowed to play.

•  TIME – Two 20-minute running halves. (In the cases of tardy teams, tight gym schedule OR when one team playing is back-to-back games, optional adjustment of time to 18-min/halves. Teams that are chronically late and slowing down gym schedule will be removed from league.)

• Clock stops last minute of first half, last two minutes of second half.

• 7 fouls = 1&1

• 10 fouls in half = 2 shots

• 5 personal fouls = DQ

• Free throws – players may enter ON THE RELEASE, but no kids on the line or behind the line cannot step in until the ball hits the rim.

•  FREE THROWS for 10U – GIANT STEP IN so kids make more shots.  No line violation unless they run in before ball hits rim.

•  10U REMINDER – it’s always 4-on-4 in the SMALL GYMS – PS 452 and PS 75.  More space, more points.  If 10U kids play in a bigger gym, then yes, coaches can agree to go 5-on-5.

• OT = 3 minutes (last minute stop time)

• If a team is over 10 minutes late, automatic forfeit and both refs get paid from forfeit deposit.

• 4 TO per game – one 30 sec, three full – ONE 30-second time out must be used in first half or you lose it.

• For coaches and players: 1 Technical Foul = a warning by the league.  2 Techs and you are OUT.  Managers are mandated to report all negative behavior and techs by fans, coaches, players.

• ZERO FIGHTING POLICY:  Any player who hits another player in a way that is not acceptable on the court (fist throwing, dirty elbows) is ejected from the game and removed from the league.  Players are NOT allowed to hit back or they, too, will be ejected and removed.  Any players who leave the bench area are also ejected and removed from the league.  Any coach who does not show clear actions that demonstrate efforts to restrain players and calm the players, team, crowd will also be ejected and removed from the league.

•  TREATMENT OF OFFICIALS:  Any coach or parents who threatens a referee (“let’s take this outside”) is not longer allowed in GBA gyms.

•  PARENT REMAIN IN STANDS:  Any parents or fans who step on the court and approach a ref or coach are warned once and if they continue, they are ejected from the gym and not allowed in the GBA.

• Protests or issues must be called in within 24 hours of game

• Only one coach can remain standing — all other coaches and players must remain seated.

• Teams are expected to pick up all garbage at the end of games.

•  MS 44/Anderson and Milbank – Volleyball lines are back-court.  Grades 5-6 at Milbank – Kelsey likes them to play halfcourt only.  PS 75 and PS 452 other free throw line is back-court.

This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.


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