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Wednesday: Skdle Tweak Day

14 GBA Soc Media Card

Coaches and directors,

If you are one of our 78 teams, you can log-in to our GBA back-end registration system here to find out your schedule, but it is subject to change each week.  Note that we would rather throw ourselves against the wall than change the schedule.  So on Wednesdays, GBA staff takes turns throwing itself against walls in our office with minor tweaks of the schedule.  Why?  It’s for the kids.  If a team is getting crushed or a team is doing the crushing, we do our best to make the season feel worthwhile and rewarding.  We are one of the only leagues that we have heard of who makes these tweaks.  We are sorry if your parents give you a hard time about it.

Everyone must double check the schedule on Thursday before game weekend.  If your team is tweaked, then you will receive an email from Nayla, but it is up to your club and staff to notify your parents immediately.

On a final note, do your best to get the kids to check out their action shots and even short instagram clips via following these social media platforms:

GBA on Facebook

GBA on Instagram

GBA on Twitter


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