Gym Manager Job Responsibilities for GBA

As the appointed Gym Manager, your responsibilities include the below each game day:

  • Opening Manager
    • Setting up the scorers table and scoreboard
    • Making sure the official book and score keeper are familiar with their duties and aware of job responsibilities
    • Make sure the score books are correctly filled out for each game
    • Maintaining book or clock if no other staff or volunteer is available
    • Setting up benches for both teams
    • Counting Balls — lock anything that is not in use for game time. Only so many balls should be let out, 2 per team, one game ball, kept at table in between games. Teams that borrow ball for warm ups must be locked up at start of game. If balls are lost you are accountable for them.
    • Make Refs aware of that day’s gym schedule
    • Ensuring the area is safe, secure and clean
  • Must make sure floor is safe, no wet spots and ask for custodial staff member to sweep if dusty
    • All objects moved as far from the playing surface as possible
    • Scores of each game you oversee by 7pm Sunday with picture of Official Book Pages for each game
    • Player of the game, First Name/Number, Age, Team and why they were chosen. Photo if they say yes to it. Helps track for showcase games. Does not have to be chosen for every game if no one stands out. Can also be based on effort not just points.
    • All Injuries. Information that must be taken: First Name of Player, Date, location, Time, Team, Incident and first aid equipment used if any
    • Late teams, coaches, players, refs, GBA Staff. Must have name and specific time of arrival, date, location
    • All behavioral issues need to be reported immediately.
  • Maintaining Gym Schedule
  • Closing Gym Manager
    • Ensure all garbage is cleared from the gym
    • Ensure all equipment is locked away and secure before leaving the gym, ball count should be checked and reported
    • Report any missing equipment, if not reported it becomes gym manager responsibility (basketballs will be taken out of paycheck)
    • Make sure all parties are out of the gym prior to end of permit

*Note that payment for your hours as gym manager will come from the GBA in a check separate from your mo’motion coaching payment.

Behavior issues from Fans
a) Fans yelling negative comments / cursing at the referees.
b) Fans yelling at the players (scream instructions, etc – that’s the coach’s job).
c) Fans that are “trash talking” to parents, players, coaches of the opposite teams players.
d) Fans cussing.

Dealing with “a, b, c, and d” situations shown above: During a game, if a Fan is a problem, it needs to be dealt with right away (you should deal with it as it is happening, don’t wait until after the game). Unacceptable behavior by adults should never be ignored. However, confronting an angry and disruptive parent during the heat of a game may add fuel to a potential fire. Rather than confronting the offensive individual, first ask the ref to pause the game and the gym manager should appeal to the immediate group of fans for encouraging and positive support. This indirect plea by the manager often settles the disruptive fan. The head coach cannot leave the bench, and must continue coaching so it is important that the gym manager takes care of this situation. If the issue continues then the gym manager should simply walk over to the stands and ask the fan to refrain from making comments. If they continue, after this warning, make them aware that due to their behavior and league rules security will have to be called if the behavior does not stop immediately. If the third strike occurs, please have security reached and have them escort the fan off of the premises. Keep in mind that this rule is only applied to the extreme negative behavior situations.

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