Scoreboard Operator Job Responsibilities for GBA

During the game, the scoreboard operators’ main duties are putting the points scored by each team on the scoreboard and maintain the time according to the referees signals.


And you MUST KEEP THE GYMS RUNNING ON TIME – NO LATE GYMS.  Anyone who lets a gym run late creates a major headache-league wide, and cannot be asked back.

Other points of note:

1. Introduce yourself to your counterpart and decide who keep will score/time the first half.

2. Introduce yourself to the game referee.

3. Familiarize yourself with the operation of the scoreboard. See the gym manager for instructions if needed.

4. The operation of the clock is critical in the smooth flow of the game. You will always take your signal from the referee.

5. Timing (running clock): *Last minute of first half, Last two minutes of 2nd half is stop time

  • Two 20-minute halves
  • One 5-minute halftime or less if games are running late. Ask Gym Manager before designating
  • One 30-second timeout for first half, three full timeouts for game,
  • Overtime: 3-minute play, one extra full timeout (running clock first 2 minutes*)
  • Overtime 2: 2-minute play, one extra full timeout (running clock first 90 seconds)
  • Overtime 3: Sudden Death
  • *No stops other than timeouts and injuries

6. Start/Stop: *Last minute of first half, Last two minutes of 2nd half is stop time

  • Start: start the clock anytime the ball comes into contact with anyone’s body on the court from either team when clock is stopped by timeout or stop time rules. Look for ref signal
  • Jump Ball: start the clock when the hand of either jumper touches the ball
  • Made Basket: Does not stop clock
  • Foul: does not stop the clock. Clock continues to run unless it is specific period stop time or timeout
  • Timeout: timeouts will be signaled by the referee and the clock shall be stopped when indicated.

Free throws are ON THE RELEASE FOR ALL.

Girls and boys 10U shoot free throws from ONE STEP IN and Girls/Boys 11-12U we hope the refs don’t call every free throw line violation.  It is best to let them go over, but NOT run in.

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