Book Keeper Job Responsibilities for GBA

During the game, scorekeepers are expected to keep track of the running score, fouls, jump ball possessions and timeouts.  

They must know all of these GBA LEAGUE RULES and also read this entire blog.

1. Introduce yourself to the gym manager.

2. Introduce yourself to the game referee.

3. Familiarize yourself with the score sheet. If you have not kept score previously, speak with the site supervisor.

4. Complete the remaining information not pre-filled

  • Players First Name and Number
  • Officials for the Game
  • Each Coach Last name
  • Date and Tip Time
  • Along with date
  • Teams Playing and Age/Grade

5. Print clearly and legibly

6. Scoring:

  • 3-points if outside 3-point line
  • 2-points per basket
  • 1-point per free throw
  • Mark a slash in the running score for each point.
  • Mark the number of points for the player that scored (in the correct half).
  • Indicate the final score of each team in the appropriate box (final slash in running score) at the end of the game.

7. Fouls:

  • Mark a slash across the number in the individual player fouls box area in the corresponding half
  • For each individual player foul, mark a slash for team fouls.

8. Timeouts: Three – Full Timeouts, One – 30 Second, can only be used in first half

  • Mark a slash across the number of the timeouts per corresponding half
  • Timeouts are indicated by the referee

9. Late Arriving Players or Players not in the Book by start of game

  • If a player is not entered with first and last name in official book, the team that enters the player must be assessed a technical foul. Please make ref aware as the infraction occurs.
  • A player may not enter in the book or the game once halftime starts.



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