2019 Gym Management Details

Hi Gym Management (Bookkeepers and Clock keepers),


This page is to inform you of expectations and also link you to all other details on your job plus the GBA Rules, which all of you have to know to keep the gyms in order and the games flowing smoothly.

  • Bookkeepers and scorekeepers = 1 person who manages a gym. 
  • GAMES MUST STAY ON TIME!  If a game goes into OT, then you must hustle to the next game without cutting out minutes unless Mo tells you it is okay to do so.  Usually it is not.  Most teams paid for a full game and want a full game.  Hustle the refs along to get the gym back on time.
  • Report all scores in the system and report to Mo any problems.
  • All closers must text Mo the close/lock time so she sees the OUT time.
  • All openers are expected to show 15 min before and will be paid for 15 min extra time (and closers paid for 15 minutes of overtime or until close).
  • Closers must ask all coaches and kids and parents to pick up the gym.  You as manager delegate when you need help.  If game is tight, and you want parent help at table (reliable help) ask for it even at start.
  • If you need a food break, it’s okay as long as you assign the table and get the game started and hustle back.
  • Only take out 1-2 basketballs.  DO NOT leave the cage of balls open or else it slows down the game.  Balls will get stolen.  Kids are NOT to shoot during timeouts.  Players have two minutes to warm up usually.
  • Sign the kids into the games – no lines of kids signing in themselves.  Just do #s of kids and write the full name of the team on the top and the date so that if we have to go back to the book, we have full name of the team, kids #s as to who was there.  We will have to collect rosters at some point and prove that kids played in over 60 percent of the games to be eligible for playoffs.

MANAGERS (aka bookkeeper and scorekeeper) do these two main tasks:

  • As a bookkeeper, you are to keep the score, report the score to TOURNEY MACHINE directly after each game or end of day – no mistakes in entry.  Keep a clean, organized, well-marked book.  Stand up before games and write in the kids’ names instead of sitting back at table and letting lines of kids form.  The kids need to warm up.  Report any technical fouls, late refs, problems to
  • As a clock keeper, you must keep all the games on time – timeouts, overtimes, anything to tighten up and not run behind.  Run the clock, know the rules, and your job is to open up and clean up gym (enlist the kids to help) and LOCK EVERYTHING UP.  They must also know where the FIRST AID supplies are in the gym and open/lock it up.  If anything is stolen, it is on the clock keeper.

Keep reading EVERYTHING here, but note that the weekly schedule can be found here under MANAGERS column with some Motion Coaches doing double duty as coach and manager.  Note that the “How Do I Get Paid?” piece is at the end of the blog.

Weekly ScheduleCLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR ASSIGNMENT – look in the management (and/or coaching column).

Dress Code –  Comfortable and neat.  No sagging pants, no hats during the game.  Look professional in a nicer outfit or nice sweatsuit that is comfortable.  You are free to run out for 20-30 min lunch breaks if you are on for more than four games in a row.  Partner and/or parent can hold down your spot but try to be there END of game.  

Priorities (and be sure to read how to post scores instructions):

  • Be on time for every game – this means arriving 10-15 min early to open the gym (find your way into the gym), and to transition from one team at the table to another.  OPENERS must arrive 15 min before the game – even 20 to be safe and get into the gym and the place opened/kids warmed up.
  • Be prepared to open the gyms ON TIME and get games going ON TIME, and close the gyms on time.  See the photos and details of what lockdown should look like at every gym.
  • Referees need to be reminded that the games must move – no long breaks between timeouts or shooting on the court by anyone at all.
  • The games are listed as one hour blocks.  Ideally you can finish in 50-55 minutes so the next team has 3-5 minutes to warm-up.
  • All coaches know there is not a lot of warm-up time.
  • KNOW ALL THE RULES OF THE GBA – click here to review them.
  • If you are low on scorebooks (bring pen/pencil as back-up) or there’s a problem with the clock, it must be reported immediately.
  • Note that scorebooks AND coaching boards should always be kept in the clock bag (or the cage within a mesh bag) along with markers and they are to be returned to the bag every day.
  • This means we loan coaching boards and we must retrieve them from coaches who often walk out with them and/or markers.
  • If you need another scorebook, coaching board, markers, first aid equipment, then you must report it to
  • FIRST AID – the black lock boxes – most combos are 526.  Open them up to get supplies and LOCK THEM UP.  Dig deeper and wiggle the cable locks.
  • Referees who are late must be reported to – this is a big factor in keeping refs on time.
  • If your partner at the table does not show, then you must a) ask for parent support or b)  do both jobs.  It is much easier to ask a coach for parent support.
  • BALLS – really important that you only put out 2 warm-up balls per game depending on age group.  Boys Gr 7 and up need 29.5 inch balls; 28.5 for the rest
  • If balls go missing (and we count), we charge staff members to replace them.
  • LOCK UP THE BALLS not being used in the cage and hide them so no kids go to them and help themselves.  LOCK THEM UP or they will disappear. See photo BELOW.
  • Put the warm-up and game balls under your seat and keep track of them.
  • No shooting by anyone between games at all.  All kids/parents/players off floor.
  • Technical Fouls must be reported to  We have zero tolerance for them, so they must go recorded.  One warning and then out of the league.
  • Garbage at end of day.  Sorry to say that you have to help pick up and enlist players, parents, kids to help you clean up before you lock up
  • Locking up – last game management team and coaches lock down the gym.  Make sure the cages are locked snug with many loops in the lock and not a slack lock.
  • No theft during the weekend or during the week of our equipment.  If you lock down properly, there will be no theft.
  • Lost and Found – we only take things that seem valuable – phone, eye glasses, etc.  Otherwise parents have to go to the school to retrieve items left behind.
  • All scores must be posted in Tourney Machine.  
  • If scores are not in by Sunday night, we cannot pay you.

GYM COMBOS: Email our office to get the gym combos.

Important phone numbers for you to have in case of emergency only (police, uncontrollable parent, coach, etc) – note that the first line of defense is to get security and put a parent at the door to cover the door/security.  Second is to text Mo or Juanita, but note we coach quite a bit.  That’s why you should know the GBA RULES.

Mo 917-526-1021 – TEXT ONLY to get her attention and if call needed – say emergency and issue in text and she will call ASAP

Here are links if you need to know details on 

  1. How to Keep the Scorebook 
  2. How to Keep the Scoreclock (there are different ones in each gym, so get there early to learn it)

BACKGROUND CHECKS – You must follow the instructions below if you are 18 years old or older, and you are working as a manager.  You must have a full BG Check before we can have you in the gym.  It is free of charge to you (it costs us), so please do it only if you are serious about working.  You cannot get paid without the background check AND you must submit a W2.  We pay per game.  Email with all of your paperwork and questions.

Our company policy is that every volunteer and paid contractor in regular contact with the players must be subjected to a background check.  Background checks can be done every 1-3 years at Mo’ Motion’s discretion.

  • Go to this link to complete your Background Check at no cost to you.  You should Register and then when you log in there is a red box for Background Checks.  You click on that and go through all the questions.  The results will be emailed to the office.   

THIS IS WHAT THE CAGES SHOULD LOOK LIKE ON LOCKDOWN.  No loose straps or anything hanging.  If you do not know the open and close combos, email or text or ask one of the Motion coaches for the numbers.  Lock the clock bag TO THE CAGE or else someone may steal the clock.  Any missing equipment leads to us removing the manager or charging those responsible.

Please keep the games on time and get up and make sure you are writing the kids’ names and numbers in the book (instead of having them line up and waste time).


We do direct deposit.  Becky at needs the following info:

  • Assurance that you did your background check if you are over 18 years
  • A completed W2 form (she will send to you)
  • Your bank name, type of account (checking or savings), bank account number, bank routing number
  • Your cell phone and full mailing address
  • Emergency contact info

Remember – Becky does all paperwork/payment info; Mo does most of the scheduling and assigning.  Juanita backs up Mo and often runs equipment or uniforms and further instructions.

Thank you!

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